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1) Harbor Dredge in Santa Cruz, CA
2) Bulkhead Evaluation in Foster City, CA
3) Evaluation of Historical Vessel Carthiginian in Hawaii
4) Power House Tank Barge, Ultrasonic Readings

1) Harbor Dredge, Santa Cruz, CA
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This steel constructed sectional pontoon swing ladder pump barge was built in 1986 and has been employed as a working dredge. The barge has been in the water since that date. This long period of immersion in salt water and its commercial application has worn the vessel's protective coating in numerous places. Surface corrosion development was occurring on the exposed steel plates. The steel structure was in need of haul out, sandblasting, possible cropping of corroded sections and select re-plating.
The purpose of this special survey was to evaluate the general condition of the barge and to comment on its current condition and suitability for continued service.



2) Bulkhead Evaluation in Foster City, CA
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The purpose of this inspection was to 1) investigate the Harborside Lagoon Bulhead, 2) determine its overall general condition, 3) provide a realistic estimate of repair/replacement costs. Construction details, specifications and plans were reviewed. The bulkhead was visually inspected from land as well as from the water. The wooden structure was measured, hammer sounded, probed, bored and photographed. Tie rods were selectively ultra-sonically tested. Selected deadman anchors were exposed and their condition determined. Borer infestation, metal corrosion and/or other structural failure were identified. Alternatives to the bulkhead structure were reviewed, associated costs for re-fitting and repair estimates were obtained and planning considerations were taken into review. . .

3) Survey of Historical Vessel 'Carthaginian' in Hawaii

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The Brig Carthaginian was built in 1920 by Friedr. Krupp, Kiel, Germany. It was originally rigged as a fore and aft topsail schooner and originally utilized in the European Coasting Trade as a cement and general cargo carrier. She was retired from service around 1970 and purchased by the Lahaina Restauration Foundation.
After thorough inspection it was our opinion that the vessel was in remarkably FAIR condition for a 78-year-old steel riveted structure, but was in rather POOR overall condition, thus not suited for sailing use. Use is currently limited to a floating object/museum. Vessel is in need of either retirement in the near future or major re-plating and significant re-building and proper maintenance to continue to be utilized as a sound structure for the future. Detailed recommendations were part of the survey . . .


4) Power House Tank Barge, Ultrasonic Readings

The purpose of survey was to note the barge type, determine its current overall condition, and to assess the anticipated continued service life and possible liability concerns. The hull structure was originally well-constructed utilizing quality materials.   The heavy shell plating has kept the barge in reasonably strong shape over its many years of commercial service.   The barge structure was showing lack of maintenance.   The protective exterior surface coating had been washed and/or corroded away mostly along the waterline areas.   The bottom showed heavy surface growth of marine organisms.   Surface corrosion was also occurring on the inside of the barge in select locations mostly P/S along water lines and fore and aft and in corners of shell plating.   The vessel recently pin holed due to corrosion and started taking on water in the Number 2 port aft hold . . .

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